“”Providing children with a wide variety of experiences and exposure to people who do different kinds of work can broaden their horizons.”  Larry G. Greider
We also know the responsibility and trust you place in a childcare provider. That’s why our facilities are equipped with secure entry technology and cameras, so we know what is going on live at each room of our school
A child developmental specialist is someone who works with children, their parents and educators in assessing a child's developmental needs, deficiencies, and goals. Specialists are highly knowledgeable in typical and atypical development, can recognize the symptoms of a developmental issue, and can offer parents and caretakers advice on how to best work with the child to overcome the problem. Assessing the Child Child development specialist spend a large amount of time observing children, playing with them and getting to know each child before making an assessment. Depending on the nature of the developmental issue, the specialist may engage the child in hands-on arts and crafts projects, gross motor games, speech assessments, or mental development tests. The specialist will also work closely with the child's health care providers and those caring for the child on a daily basis to discuss the child's behavioral and cognitive levels and where the child stands in relation to his age group. Therapy Plans Once the specialist has determined the precise developmental issue affecting the child, he/she will then work with the parents to devise a therapy plan designed to work on the developmental issue and remedy the situation in a way best suited to the child's needs. The specialist can offer family group counseling to provide emotional support for parents and other caregivers. The therapy plan should contain specific milestone goals, and the specialist should closely track and monitor the child's progress.